Discover our working groups

Working Groups, is our initiative to generate and share knowledge about amino acid nutrition and formulation for health in all ruminant species. The goal is to continuously improve the competitiveness of the producers in environmentally responsible production. Additionally, we aim to improve the efficiency of dairy operations.

The working groups provide a place for customers to discuss the ruminant sector and how to implement all new advances from the scientific community. Simultaneously, they provide us feedback to confirm, refute or redirect these advances. 

Only in a close partnership, we can have the optimal development and implementation of ruminant scientific findings. We bring academic and industry expertise with a group of nutritional professionals, opinion leaders, and researchers and you bring your field expertise. Only with this combination, we can achieve efficiency, precision, improved health, environmentally responsible production sustainability, and animal welfare in all ruminant areas. With a more agile and flexible innovation we can serve all ruminant niches, but also discover and implement new approaches and developments.

Working groups areas

In our working groups, we lead a team of experts being nutritional professionals, opinion leaders and researchers. They contribute with the maximum comprehension of the needs and specific technical knowledge and requirements. This panel of experts aims to contribute to this purpose in all ruminant species and industries.

  1. Small Ruminants: Sheeps and Goats
  2. Beef Cattle Production
  3. Milk and Cheese Industry

Working group objectives

Increase the expertise and adapt Inspiring amino acids, Formulating Ruminant Health and environmentally responsible production to all ruminant species and industry, with specific attention to those areas and species whereas there is still a lack of specific information and development.  

Together, we aim to be the first on building or update recommendations, references, and guidelines.

Working group actions

Increase awareness about the need and potential of new findings related to amino acids, health and environmentally responsible production in all ruminant species and industry. 

Extrapolate and adapt in field conditions all new findings to all ruminant species. Update matrix values, recommendations and explore new functional recommendations in all ruminant species but also explore new approaches and developments.