In the pursuit to reach nutritional goals for ruminants, it is important to choose the right partner as not only the selected solutions will determine your success. Let’s start a partnership to grow a more sustainable and efficient way of farming.

A changing market environment requires a close partnership between all stakeholders. Our goal is to continuedly to expand our offering solutions, products, and support, to answer your demands. The increasing market complexity is a challenge that we embrace in close partnership with our customers, understanding it as the only way to continue the mutual advancement.

For you as our customer, we go above and beyond to provide support and ensure your success. We stand by your side and every step of the way in an exclusive partnership. We will support you in our tailor-made Training Sessions to complete your expertise, with our in-house Services but also external renamed independent consultants and university researchers to support the implementation, verify the formulation, and focused Working Groups.


We translate academic and field findings into tailor-made training sessions for our customers. In these sessions, the format and content are adjusted to individual needs. Additionally, we also share this knowledge in larger digital masterclasses and seminars.


We offer a wide range of tailor-made services. Our services are divided into three big groups: Formulation Evaluation and Validation for optimal implementation, Technical Assistance and Customer Laboratory and Application Solutions.

Working groups

In our working groups, we bring together experts with the aim to increase the expertise and adapt our knowledge to all ruminant species. They give special attention to those areas and species where there is still a lack of knowledge and development.