Lifelong Learning Program

For years, we are investing in cutting-edge ruminant nutrition solutions in the dairy sector, and for small ruminants and beef production. It is crucial to us, that our customers are both well informed and updated with the most recent research for an optimal implementation and Income over feed cost. 

Together with the academic sector and our customers in the field, we can take important steps in animal welfare, sustainable farming, and improved profitability. Download our booklet below to learn more about what the Lifelong Learning Program means to us and our customers.

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Expert Panel Reviews

Our technical specialists work in a close partnership with the scientific community to get the latest knowledge that qualifies us to offer the most optimal solutions. This enables us to gain first-hand insights and discoveries for the application and implementation in a variety of settings and conditions.
Check our exclusive panel of experts for this year and don’t miss today’s alive scientific revision and open discussion. Renowned researchers go hand in hand with our expertise, together we guide a critical revision and open discussion on the most novel research ideas and themes.

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For you as our customer, we go above and beyond to provide support and ensure your success. Once you have decided to work with us, we stand by your side and every step of the way in an exclusive partnership. We will support you in our tailor-made Training Sessions, with our in-house Services and focused Working Groups. Learn more about these exclusive actions by clicking on the button below. 

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